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Why Red Square Shoe Repair?

With over 60 years of experience in the cobbling industry, Red Square Shoe Repair are Melbourne’s premier specialists in shoe repair. We have partnerships with some of Melbourne’s leading designer shoe stores and provide fast, professional and expert shoe repair service.

With affordable pricing, timely completion and convenient location in Pran Central Shopping Centre, we are the number one destination for anyone in the region in need of shoe repair.


Product Description

Benefits of Shoe Repair

It happens to every pair of shoes: eventually, something goes wrong. Perhaps their soles start coming off or their heels start getting worn out. Perhaps you have a bike accident and your shoes take the brunt of the damage. Or perhaps you just want some alterations done. But buying a new pair of shoes is expensive and it takes time and effort to go and find new ones. Sometimes it might be hard to find similar versions of old shoes, and sometimes shoes hold sentimental value. Instead, why not have us repair them? Your feet (and wallet) will thank us.

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Our Shoe Repair Services

Sole RepairShoe Repair, Red Square Shoe Repair

This is probably the most common problem for shoes to have, and one of the most dreaded ones: the sole starts failing. Maybe they’re just getting worn or thin, maybe there is a hole in them letting in water and pebbles, or maybe they’re starting to come off entirely. Whatever the problem, we can fix it and let you walk in comfort once more.

Leather Repair

Leather is a durable and versatile material ubiquitous in footwear. Unfortunately, it is susceptible to direct damage and general wear and tear. Whether your leather has been weathered by the weather or whether you’ve worn your leather forever, we will endeavour to make it as good as ever.


Stitching is a common method of repairing rips and tears in shoes.

Heel Change

High heels can be hard to walk in, and this is triply so when the heel breaks. Take your shoes to us and we can replace the heels with durable new ones.

Boots Alteration

Calves come in all shapes and sizes, but that perfect pair of boots on sale too often doesn’t. Bring them to us and we’ll alter them to fit you perfectly.


Have your feet grown too big for your shoes? Rather than throwing them away, why not try bringing them to us? Depending on the construction and material, we can stretch them up to half a size larger.

General Shoe RepairShoe Repair, Red Square Shoe Repair

Our services aren’t limited to the specific ones listed above. If your shoes need a repair that isn’t covered by one of the above, bring them in and we’ll see what we can do.

Shoe Accessories

We have partnerships with some of Melbourne’s leading designer shoe stores and stock a broad range of shoe accessories.

Shoe Repair also known as:

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    Shoe repair is a great way to fix problems or breathe new life into an old pair of shoes.

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